Cuccinelli to Announce Run for Governor Within Days?!?


    According to the Washington Post:

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R) will reveal his plans next week to run for governor in 2013, according to well-placed Republican sources.

    Cuccinelli, a tea party hero who garnered national attention for suing the federal government over the new health-care law, expects to make a formal announcement after the legislative session in the spring, according to the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity so they could speak freely about his plans.

    The fact that a homophobic, science-denying, extreme social conservative is highly like to be the Republicans 2013 nominee for governor, that’s all the more reason for Virginia Democrats to get their act together ASAP. The fact is, as crazy as Kookinelli is, he’s a strong politician who should never be underestimated. Clearly, that means we’ll need to be as strong as possible heading into 2013. Unless, of course, the thought of “Governor Cuccinelli” isn’t enough to light a fire under all of our butts. If that’s the case, though, frankly, then we’re far beyond hope.

    Along these lines, another thing we will need to figure out pretty soon is who our ticket will be in 2013. Assuming T-Mac’s at the top – and that’s not 100% guarantee (either that he’ll run, or necessarily that he’d win the nomination, although he’s certainly the strong favorite), who will be the LG and AG candidates? I’d argue for strong progressives from the “urban/suburban crescent,” candidates who can really fire up our base. I think it’s fair to assume that their base will be excited having a Tea Partier at the top of their ticket. What are we going to do to counter that? And, as always, the gubernatorial election will be a battle of bases, so let’s definitely have no “Deeds Country” idiocy this time around, please!

    P.S. Oh, and as for Bill Bolling, the only question is how badly he’ll lose to Cuccinelli, given the latter’s popularity among the far, far-right-wingnuts who dominate Virginia Republicans’ nominating process.

    • corinthian

      No doubt there will be support for Tom Perriello to run for something. He was doing a few events around the Charlottesville/Albemarle area last cycle, so he’s still keeping his name in the game with his local base. I think his style of politics would translate well statewide, and would certainly keep progressives happy

    • kindler

      I cannot think of anything that would motivate VA Dems more than running against such a fanatical right wing bully.

      Think about it: the two biggest names at the top of the VA Repub ticket over the next two years will be George Allen and Cuccy.  That’s a gift to Democrats — not to mention to progressive blogs, since tirades against these clowns pretty much write themselves.

      I expect what we’ll see is more pragmatic Republicans like McDonnell and John Warner endorsing the more boring conservative Bolling, while the foaming-at-the-mouth crowd goes gaga for Cuccinelli — which should help sow discord in their ranks.

      Now all we need is for them to complete their ticket of horrors — maybe Corey Stewart for AG and Dick Black for LG?

    • VADEM

      as I like Tom he is too young and unknown to run for governor yet. I think he should do some time in the state legislature, make a name for himself and then run in a few years.

      We need to put someone up for gov. who can actually win.

      The thought of Kookoonelli being gov. just freaks me out pretty much. I mean O M G.

    • Courtesy of the Kaplan Post:

      You have likely heard in the media the many rumors about an announcement of a run for governor. While I wanted to wait to announce a candidacy until after the General Assembly session, as the rumors swirl, I find it necessary to put them to rest.

      After much prayer and consideration, I have decided to run for governor in 2013. I have always intended to let you know before the media. Shortly after you receive this email, I will be sending a statement to the media announcing my candidacy.

      Being attorney general is the best job of my life, and working with so many bright and dedicated professionals in this office has made it a true joy.

      We have protected vulnerable citizens from fraud, worked to get gangs off the streets through intervention as well as prosecution, saved taxpayers from millions in Medicaid fraud, fought for fair utility prices for consumers, provided our clients with official legal opinions that have never been overruled by any court, and stood up to the federal government when it broke the law and infringed on the sovereignty of Virginia and the liberty of her people.

      We will continue this work together until the last day of my term. Just as I had intended not to resign as attorney general to run for a second term, I will not resign as attorney general to run for governor. The people of Virginia trusted me to be their attorney general, and I intend to give them their full four years. I also think it is important to see these lawsuits against the federal government all the way through, as they are unprecedented battles for liberty in our lifetimes.

      I am committed to you and to the citizens of this commonwealth to leading this office and making this job my priority. I have no right to ask the voters for a promotion if I cannot continue to do my current job well.

      I know many of you are wondering why I decided to run for governor instead of for re-election. As so many former attorneys general know from being legal counsel to every agency of state government, this job gives you tremendous insight and perspective on the inner workings of state government that no other job can provide.

      Being governor of the commonwealth and all its agencies is truly a massive task, and with only four years to do it, there is little time for on-the-job training. That is especially true when Virginia and the entire country are facing unprecedented economic challenges, a bullying federal government, and financially strapped citizens who are demanding that we ensure every dollar taken from their families to pay for government is a dollar that is spent wisely. When Governor McDonnell finishes his successful term, I am convinced his successor needs to hit the ground running to keep the momentum moving forward in the face of federal and economic challenges.

      I hope you have known me long enough to know that I do this out of my love for our commonwealth and to further the principles on which this country was founded. Although I originally expected to serve as attorney general for another term, my job is that of public servant, and I feel that two years from now, I can best serve the people of Virginia from the governor’s office.

      Thank you for your dedication to this office and to the people we serve. I look forward to our continued work together and our successes during the remaining two years of my term.