President Obama Leading Romney, Gingrich in Florida and…South Carolina?!?


    With the economy improving and with the complete joke that these Republican’t candidates are, I’d already started feeling better about Barack Obama’s reelection chances in 2012. Now, a brand new poll comes along that makes me feel even better! According to NBC News-Marist:

    …President Obama’s standing has improved in Florida, always a key presidential battleground state.

    Forty-six percent of registered voters in the state approve of his job, which is up five points since October.

    In hypothetical match-ups, the president leads Romney by seven points (48 to 41 percent) and Gingrich by 12 points (51 to 39 percent).

    In South Carolina — a reliable Republican state in presidential contests — Obama’s approval rating stands at 44 percent, and he holds narrow leads over Romney (45 to 42 percent) and Gingrich (46 to 42 percent).

    That’s right, according to these polls, Barack Obama leads the Republican presidential frontrunners head-to-head in both Florida (a must win for Republicans) and South Carolina (if Obama wins there, we’re talking about a landslide of epic proportions).

    Making me smile even more this morning, was George Will’s column about how a Ron Paul third-party candidacy would boost Obama to wins in Missouri, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia, while solidifying the more solid-“blue” states in his column. Of course, based on the NBC-Marist poll numbers, Obama might not need any third-party assistance. Nonetheless, I strongly encourage Ron Paul to run, not to mention Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, or whatever other right wingnut who agrees with Glenn Beck that Newt’s a “socialist” and Mitt’s not much better. Gotta love it. 🙂

    UPDATE 5:00 pm: This just in from Public Policy Polling.


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