Romney Campaign Goes “Birther”?


    It was only a matter of time until the campaign of flippin’ Willard “Mitt” Romney managed to flip flop on sanity itself (and decency too). I mean, it’s bad enough that Willard has backtracked on just about everything he ever stood for (including his real first name, which is NOT, as he claims, “Mitt”). But now, his campaign is casually tossing utterly insane – not to mention racist and xenophobic – “birther” allegations about President Obama into the mix. Oh, and for good measure, note the not-so-subtle hint about Obama’s grades, the subliminal message being…what exactly, that a black guy couldn’t possibly have been brilliant, succeeded on his own merits (e.g., not through affirmative action or whatever), etc?

    Sadly, this is all typical  Republican “southern strategy”/Lee Atwater race-baiting nastiness, the same type of thing they’ve been doing for decades now (ever since LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act in the early 1960s, and “Dixiecrats” en masses shifted to the Republican Party). Of course, the Romney campaign will say or do anything to win the nomination, and in a party which is blase about one of its other top-tier candidates palling around with neo-Nazis (he’s also got voluminous racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic writings), I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the Romney boys are trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator – not to mention the lesser angels of human nature – as well. It’s truly repulsive.


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