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Planned Parenthood Blasts Bob McDonnell’s “Last-Minute” Abortion Regulations


I just received the following from Planned Parenthood of Virginia:

Yesterday afternoon, we learned that Governor Bob McDonnell signed the so-called emergency abortion regulations (TRAP regulations) that had been sitting on his desk for weeks. We are outraged that Governor McDonnell has used public health regulations to play partisan politics in an attempt to limit or eliminate access to safe, legal abortion in Virginia.

These regulations target health centers that provide a wide range of reproductive health care services, including family planning, cancer screening and treatment, prenatal care, and more. These regulations do not increase patient safety and health-rather, they severely restrict access to the health care Virginians need.

The regulations go beyond the legal requirements, putting Virginia at risk for ongoing legal battles as women’s health organizations fight to protect women’s health and safety. No state has ever passed, and no court has ever upheld, such burdensome regulations.

Now that the Governor has signed these so-called emergency regulations, we along with our coalition partners, will look ahead to the permanent regulatory process. This process will offer opportunity for expert and public input and comment. The coalition will review the regulations and determine the most appropriate strategy to protect women’s health and rights in light of this grave overstep by the Virginia legislature, attorney general, and governor.

TAKE ACTION: Contact Governor McDonnell’s office to express your outrage. You can either use his webform or call his office at 804.786.2211.

Suggested talking points:

-I am shocked by the degree to which this administration has chosen to ignore medical evidence and expertise in favor of a politicized agenda.

The current regulations have little to do with practicing medicineand everything to do with playing politics with women’s health and rights. Doctors already practice in safe offices and health centers. We are already regulated and meet top medical standards.

-These regulations require health centers to make onerous and unnecessary architectural changes that create more financial and logistical challenges for patients. In these difficult economic times, we should be doing more to help women and families access health care services.

-I had hoped Governor McDonnell would put patient interests before politics and reject these burdensome and unnecessary regulations. This is harmful to women and shameful politics.

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