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Video: Jeff Schapiro on Cuccinelli’s Calculation in Governor’s Race


According to Richmond Times-Dispatch Virginia political reporter Jeff Schapiro, speaking this morning at the NOVA Democratic Business Council breakfast in Tysons Corner (which I attended, along with about 50 others):

Clearly the Attorney General is gambling, calculating…that the governor may not have the juice to make the difference, and that Bolling is insufficiently strong to carry the governorship for the party.

I’m not sure about either of those assumptions, as Bob McDonnell is highly popular in his party, and in Virginia generally speaking. I mean, if it were just Bolling vs. Cuccinelli one on one, Kooky would win easily. But if McDonnell throws significant political muscle behind Bolling, I’m not sure how it will play out. Thoughts?

  • aznew

    Creigh Deeds is the natural compromise candidate!

  • Tom Greeson

    Thanks for joining us at yesterday’s DemBiz meeting, Lowell. I thought it was a good meeting. Would love to see some more of you video clips from Jeff’s talk.

  • Bwana

    I fully recognize all the ego/ideological/political calculations inherent in a Cooch 2013 gubernatorial run.  However, lets not lose sight of a historical fact based in political reality-eight years in an office gives an office holder plenty of chances to tick off enough folks to keep from moving up.

    With all the speculation about gambling and calculation, I think the Cooch’s bid is simply a matter of reading history.  The last time anyone served two terms as AG and then was elected Governor was J. Lindsay Almond in 1957.  Serving two terms as Ltgov? Jim Price in 1937.

    Andrew Miller, Mary Sue Terry, Don Beyer-all served two years in an undercard position and got trounced when they ran for Governor.

    Neither Earley nor Hager backed away in 2001in part  for that reason.

    I think it is even more difficult to do the two term run from the AG position given that the AG is taking positions and actions as part of his job, while the LtGov only does that as part of his job if he votes on a tie break.

  • kindler

    …shows the crazier candidate trumps the milder one.  Like Christine O’Donnell crazy…