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Republicans Finally Caving on Their Opposition to Payroll Tax Cut for 160 Million Americans?


(Rep. Connolly quote: “Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party Republicans capitulated to overwhelming public disgust with their intransigence.” – promoted by lowkell)

BREAKING: Talking Points Memo reports: “A top Senate Democratic aide says House Republicans have privately offered up the terms of their surrender on the payroll tax cut.”

If true – and you never know with BONEr, Can’tor, etc. – it’s about freakin’ time, but the writing was on the wall with tremendous pressure from President Obama and a unified Democratic Party against the House Teapublican extremists. See below, for instance, as President Obama explains the importance of extending the payroll tax cuts into 2012. Also, see the video on the “flip” for Rep. Jim Moran hitting Republicans for refusing to extend the payroll tax credit. Among other things, Rep. Moran emphasizes the disarray in the House Teapublican’t caucus, and also how important $40 per paycheck is to those in the middle class and those working to get there.

‎”Enough is enough. The people standing with me today can’t afford any more games. They can’t afford to lose $1,000 because of some ridiculous Washington standoff. The House needs to pass a short-term version of this compromise.” – President Obama


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