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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, December 27. Also, note the latest Gallup poll numbers for President Obama, which are the highest since last July. Will these numbers stay the same? Who knows. Does this poll represent an outlier? Definitely not, as other polls have also shown a bump upwards in President Obama’s approval ratings in recent weeks. Anyway, let’s hope this continues, and that it’s not just a blip!

*Did the VA GOP change the rules on primary ballot access in November 2011?

*Paul Goldman helps Newt Gingrich with Virginia ballot

*Amendment could block a Gingrich-McDonnell ticket

*Recruiting tightens race for control of Senate

*Va. A.G.: Primary ballot ’embarrassing’

*Va. unlikely to change law to allow Gingrich write-in

*Virginia budget omits funds for Potomac River (“Critics call decision short-sighted” — and the critics are right!)

*$2B in Va. road-work contracts awarded in ’11

*Super Committee’s Failure Could Hurt Fairfax, Arlington Businesses (“Looming cuts in federal spending are making the future less certain for Northern Virginia’s contractors and private businesses, which have relied on federal dollars for decades”)

*Navy finds no misconduct in SEAL’s BASE jump death

*Richmond schools in budget vise

*The Dangers of Creeping College Privatization


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