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Top 30 Blue Virginia Stories of 2011


Courtesy of Google Analytics, here are the Blue Virginia stories which received the most “page views” in 2011. All stories are by yours truly, unless otherwise indicated. Thanks to everyone who contributed diaries and/or comments to Blue Virginia in 2011, and also thanks to all our readers. Next year should be a fascinating one, with Barack Obama and Tim Kaine on the ballot, plus many other important races, plus the 2013 General Assembly session, plus Kookinelli’s latest kookiness, etc, etc. Stay tuned to Blue Virginia as it unfolds in 2012!

1. Maps of New Virginia Senate and House Districts (maps by Dave Leichtman)

2. Why Virginia Democrats Lost the State Senate (by Peter Rousselot)

3. Eugene Delgaudio: Radical Homosexual Pirates Invade Tampa; Loudoun County Next?

4. Loudoun Republican Urges People to Thank Communist Soviet Veteran?!? FAIL!

5. George Allen: “Macaca” Was a “Made Up Word”

6. Virginia Polls are Closed: Results Thread

7. Small Earthquake Felt in Northern Virginia (by The Green Miles)

8. Top 10 Ronald Reagan Myths

9. Too Conservative Blog: Loudoun Republican Party “Goes WAY Too Far” on President Obama

10. Major Flooding Paralyzes Northern Virginia (by The Green Miles)

11. I Just Got One of the Weirdest Phone Calls of My Life (I still can’t believe this actually happened. WTF?!?)

12. Winners and Losers: Election 2011

13. Why I Really Left Diaspora* (by ycompanys)

14. Polls are Closed: Results Thread

15. Virginia General Election Day 2011: Open Thread

16. Video: Thinking Camera’s Off, George Allen Whines About How “Torturous” It Is to Speak to Voters

17. Winners and Losers: Primary 2011 Edition

18. Former Arlington County Democratic Chair: Saslaw/Whipple Redistricting Plan “should be repudiated” (by Peter Rousselot)

19. Rep. Eric Cantor’s “Strategic Sneer” at America’s Economy (by The Green Miles)

20. Senate Democrats Release Proposed Redistricting Plan

21. Jaime Areizaga-Soto Announces for State Senate; Sen. Whipple Visibly Displeased

22. Tea Party Leader Gloats Over Tucson Massacre (by The Green Miles)

23. Loudoun County Democratic Committee Imploding?

24. Only 15% of Virginia House of Delegates Seats Being Contested? WTF?!?

25. Barbara Favola Gets $2.5k Donation, Votes 5 Days Later to Give Towing Industry $250k More per Year

26. Does Saying You’re A Democrat Make You a Democrat?

27. Stan Barry for Fairfax County Sheriff Re-election Kick Off (by DanielK)

28. 10,000 Activists in Washington to Discuss Crucial Issue to Mankind; Media Barely Covers It

29. GOP embrace of violent rhetoric: A chicken coming home to roost by aznew)

30. Earthquake! AP Reports Pentagon, Capitol Being Evacuated [UPDATE: Magnitude 5.9]

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