Civility: A Tactic to Retain Political Dominance


    When you’re the king of the hill, it’s easy to tell everyone else not to fight like Gov. Bob McDonnell has suggested to legislators of the General Assembly. The Republican Party’s position of dominance in both the legislative and executive branches gives these individuals a much easier path to shove through their draconian policies. What can the Democratic Party of Virginia do to quell the Republican Party’s medieval policy agenda? Fight like hell.

    I won’t get into a lengthy discussion of what McDonnell refers to as the “Virginia way.” Instead, the American way is giving each individual under the stars and stripes an opportunity to live a comfortable life. Unfortunately, the companies and lobbyists who write the Republican Party of Virginia’s legislation usually don’t think about “the people” or their interests. If the interests of Virginians and big business overlap, so be it. If they don’t, oh well.

    Civility is a laudable virtue, especially in politics. But the Republican Party only preaches civility when it’s the biggest gun in the room, not when it’s scrapping for its political lifeline.

    It’s big business over small business and the individual. It’s unchecked pollution over human and environmental health. It’s the hand of God over federal health insurance. It’s the Republican Party over the Democratic Party if the latter lies down and “plays nice.”


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