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George Will Fails to Disclose Financial Ties to Polluter Front Groups


Why is George Will so aggressively anti-climate science? A new report makes his financial incentives more clear. Media Matters reports that not only has Will been drawing a salary from his role on the board of the extremist-conservative Bradley Foundation, he’s been writing about the front groups they fund without disclosing it in his Washington Post columns:

Media Matters reviewed Will’s columns from mid-2008 to the present and found at least a dozen instances in which he has promoted conservative groups that have received money from the Bradley Foundation without disclosing his connection to the foundation. Those groups include the Heritage Foundation, the Hudson Institute, the American Enterprise Institute and the Federalist Society, and National Affairs quarterly.

SourceWatch has a full rundown of the Bradley Foundation’s activities, funding everything from climate science denial to attacks on minorities as genetically unworthy of any public assistance. Just really the worst of the worst stuff. And as the Media Matters report details, Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt is completely indifferent to Will’s lack of disclosure.


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