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Migrating Humpback Whales Return to Virginia Beach


Humpback WhaleThe first migrating humpback whales of the winter have been spotted off Virginia Beach:

The Virginia Aquarium is reporting whale sightings off the coast of Virginia Beach. The aquarium’s winter wildlife boat season started December 27th and the first whale watchers were treated to a number of sightings in the first week.

New Year’s Eve morning, two humpback whales and a seal were spotted hanging out  near Rudee Inlet. Thursday the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Team confirmed that there are four humpback whales near the Cape Henry Lighthouse.

Keep in mind this is the area Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) thinks should be open to oil drilling. More on the whales from About.com:

Each winter, from late December until mid-March, majestic humpback whales follow a migration route, originating from the Bay of Fundy, which brings these magnificent oceanic mammals to the coastal waters near the shores of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Known for their complex and lengthy whale songs, graceful athleticism, unusual bubblenet feeding techniques and immense size, humpback whales are among the most fascinating and thrilling whales to observe.

Watching whales & dolphins is a truly unique experience in the world of wildlife. Usually spotting birds & animals involves slowly & quietly creeping up on a creature that would bolt if it spotted you. But approach them carefully & safely, and they’ll swim right up to the boat and look back at you – whales & dolphins are just as interested to see us as we are to see them.

Get more details on the Winter Wildlife Boat Trips at VirginiaAquarium.com.

Cross-posted from The Green Miles, photo via Flickr’s Melissa Copper


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