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New Hampshire Primary Open Thread


I love the social media work the Obama campaign has been doing recently, both in Iowa and in New Hampshire. Putting a wrap-around Obama ad on one of the most highly-trafficked sites for New Hampshire Teapublican’t primary election returns is a smart move, also highly amusing. Anyway, please feel free to use this as an open thread on Willard (aka, “Mitt”), Newt, Rick (the missing village idiot), and all the other fine examples of humanity on the Teapublican’t ballot today in New Hampshire. As the Obama campaign rightly points out, no matter what happens today, the only winner is the Tea Party’s radical agenda. Everyone else loses.

P.S. Polls close at 7 pm (UPDATE: and some close at 8 pm for whatever weird reason). By the way, is this the most boring New Hampshire primary in…uh, forever?

UPDATE 7:45 pm: With 16 of 301 precincts reporting, it’s Willard 37%, Paul 25%, Huntsman 15%, Newt 12%, Santorum 10%, and Perry 1% (no, that’s not a typo – the village idiot has essentially no support at all – and rightfully so!).

UPDATE 8:01 pm: With 34 precincts reporting, it’s Willard 36% (CNN and CBS have projected him as the winner of his de facto home state), Paul 25%, Huntsman 17% (look for him to drop out shortly), Newt 11% (FAIL!), and Santorum 10% (not surging this time!). Perry’s not even worth mentioning.

UPDATE 8:20 pm: With 53 precincts reporting, it’s Willard 36%, Paul 25%, Huntsman 17%, Newt 11%, Santorum 10%. Basically, these results aren’t changing at all…Willard #1, Paul #2, Huntsman #3…

UPDATE 8:27 pm: Willard won 32% in NH in 2008, this year doing slightly better against a much weaker field. Wow. Feel the Mittmentum. Not.

UPDATE 9:51 pm: With 184 precincts reporting in the most boring NH primary ever, it’s Willard 38%, the crazy/paranoid/bigot/freakazoid 24%, the guy who’s name you’d better not google 10%, the guy who is as cold blooded as his name would indicate 10% (slightly behind Santorum), and the missing village idiot with just 944 total votes! What a primary; what a party!!! LOL

UPDATE 6:30 am Wednesday: With 284 precincts reporting, Willard has 40% of the vote, Paul 23%, Huntsman 17%, Newt 10%, Santorum 9%, and Missing Village Idiot 1%. Amazingly, nobody appears to be dropping out, despite the glaringly obvious fact that Willard has the nomination sewn up. Apparently, these people are delusional in more ways than just ideology, science, etc.


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