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Tea Party Jesus–New Animated Video Campaign


How might the Sermon on the Mount have been different if Jesus was in the Tea Party?  That’s the question anchoring a new campaign by American Values Network that will culminate in the release of its first animated video–Tea Party Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mall”–this Thursday in advance of the SC primary.  

Rather than presenting arguments for why Tea Party teachings are counter to Christ’s, the video uses Tea Party quotes, signs, and policy positions to rewrite Jesus’ famous Sermon, and lets Christians decide for themselves if the language and policies of their political leaders sound right coming from the mouth of their Lord and Savior.

The campaign began yesterday with AVN unveiling its teapartyjesus.org website, and the first few trailers for the video.  Along with a short description of Tea Party Jesus, the website features a tongue-in-cheek description of his “disciples” who all appear in the video, and are featured in their own “Disciples” trailer including:

Ayn the Atheist,

Glenn the Martyr,

Michele the Zealot,

Newt the Bombast,

Paul the Tax-Despiser,

Rick the Evangelist,

Rick the Lesser,

Rush the Instigator,

Sarah the Rogue,

• with an special appearance by would-be-disciple Mitt the Apostate.

Check it out, and then spread the word! #teapartyjesus  

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