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The Much Talked About Video on Mitt’s Life as a Vulture


Mitt’s supposed claim to fame is his claim to be a “job creator,” but a growing body of evidence shows he is instead a job killer.  Others, Mitt claims, “just don’t know how jobs are created in the private sector.” When confronted at rallies, his real hostility to Americans shows.

Here is the much talked about Video “When Mitt Romney Came to Town.” The 28-minute video tells the story of four companies Mitt Romney cannibalized for huge profits. They are but a few of the many Bain Capital wiped off the map to reap huge profits fro themselves. The film could be better. But it does encapsulate some of what Romney has done.

Evidently, the apparent frontrunner in the GOP contest,  Mitt Romney, cannot help himself.  Every time he opens his mouth about his days at Bain Capital or the subject of jobs, he puts his foot in his mouth. He likes firing people.  Anyone who merely wants to work or to fend off greedy banksters from taking what is theirs are falsely accused of envy.  It is the Wall Streeters and banksters who covet American’s homes and virtually everything Americans own. With fewer and fewer manufacturing companies to gobble up, they have set their sites on the middle class and the poor.    

Most Americans are not envious of the wealthy.  They want jobs and to be able to raise their families without fear of people like Mitt Romney. They want wealthy disaster “capitalists” and opportunists to stop exploiting their fellow Americans. They just want to raise their children and they don’t want to worry about either a roof over their heads, health care for their families, or the health and security of their elder family members. They want a government that is on their side, not the side of the Bain Capitals. Unlike the insulting claims of Mittens, most Americans want a healthy economy and are pro-business.  

It is sad when a PAC (Winning our Future) supportive of Newt Gingrich outs Mittens for the vulture that he is. That Newt could possibly be perceived as the populist here shows the disintegration of the GOP as a formerly and supposedly “grand” old party.

Meanwhile, we have a case to be made as the alternative of Republican candidates’ greed, destruction and extremism. Democrats carry on.  If we drop this ball, then we have only ourselves to blame.

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