AP Poll Spells Great News for White House


    The latest AP-GfK 2012 election poll has very good news for President Obama and bad, bad news for Willard the “Mitt” and the other remaining clowns in the GOP primary field. The national poll of 1,000 adults conducted over the past week shows President Obama decisively leading Romney 51% to 43%. Against Santorum, the latest in the GOP desperate search for the “other-than-Mitt” candidate, the president is leading 52% to 43%.

    Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich aren’t doing any better. Paul, the darling of the Ayn Rand brainwashed set, is losing in the poll 53% to 44%, while Gingrich trails the president by 10 points. Gingrich has huge unfavorable numbers, 58%. Romney’s unfavorable rating is 43%, Santorum 42%. Ron Paul is the least unlikeable of the four, but even he draws a 40% unfavorable rating, and a majority of those polled said they didn’t like the entire field of candidates.

    As the economy continues to improve and the Republicans dig themselves ever deeper into a right-wing hole, the re-election of President Obama looks brighter and brighter, as does the prospect that Virginia will have a new Democratic senator, not a GOP retread we happily said goodbye to six years ago..

    It’s going to be very difficult to any of the four left in the GOP field to move to the center after their primary blood bath, trying to prove who is most extreme. They are hemorrhaging support from independents and will continue to do so the longer they have to throw red meat to their far-right base. That’s what happens when you succumb to “Tea Party poisoning.”


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