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    Gov. Bob and the GOP like to tout Virginia’s reputation as being business friendly. After taking a look at the atmosphere in VA I see that “business friendly” is just code for promotion of laissez-faire capitalism at the expense of individual taxpayers. The GOP is constantly talking about their efforts to help small business but for those of us who are not currently small business owners and unable to take advantage of the income and tax credit opportunities recent GOP legislation has opened new doors.

    For those with an entrepreneurial spirit I offer the following suggestions for start ups:

     1) Hand gun exportation to other states now that you can purchase unlimited inventory in Virginia and sell it to those who live in less firearm friendly states.

    2) Medical tourism trips to less restrictive states for those unfortunate women who need an abortion but are unable to get one because of the closure of women’s health centers or because they do not want to undergo or have the means to pay for an unneeded and unwanted transvaginal ultrasound test.

    3)  Importation of contraceptive medications and devices since under the “personhood” bill their use and quite likely sale will become illegal under the growing Virginia theocratic government.

      Those wishing to take advantage of these new opportunities should bear in mind that the first rule of business success in Virginia is to make regular campaign contributions to your GA representatives to avoid any restricting laws or regulations. Although some may say what I am doing is promoting illegal activity I say it is ok because our own attorney general has said time and time again that personal liberty free of “gubmint” interference is paramount.


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