Manassas Tea Party Straw Poll: Allen Crushed, Romney Gets ZERO Votes


    All I can to this is…hahahahahahaha.

    Straw Poll Results

    President Vote

    Santorum (R) 67%; Gingrich (R) 27%; Paul (R) 9%; Romney (R) 0%; Obama (D) 0%

    U.S. Senate

    Marshall (R) 68%; Allen (R) 23%; Kaine (D) 5%; McCormick (R) 5%; Radtke (R) 0%; E. Jackson (R) 0%

    There’s so much amusing about this it’s hard to know where to start. First, Romney got ZERO votes?   I mean, I knew he was unpopular among Teapublicans, but not even one person could suck it up to vote for their eventual nominee? So much for the “enthusiasm gap” favoring the red team this November! LOL 🙂

    Second, the other Republican candidate on the Virginia primary ballot, Ron Paul, only got 9% of the Manassas Tea Party straw poll votes. So, combined, the two candidates actually appearing on the Virginia Republican primary ballot in a few weeks got a grand total of 9% of the Manassas Tea Party straw poll vote. Gotta love it.

    Third, George Allen didn’t just lose to “Sideshow Bob” Marshall, he got crushed. Sure, it was Marshall’s home turf, but apparently Manassas Tea Partiers aren’t super enthused for ol’ Felix. Of course, given that Allen voted 96% with Republicans when he was in the Senate to turn budget surpluses (under Bill Clinton) into massive deficits as far as the eye can see, while also expanding government significantly and doing all kinds of other terrible things (from a Tea Party perspective), this result shouldn’t be surprising at all. What’s amazing, frankly, is that any principled conservative would support Allen, whose record is a complete mess from their perspective.

    Finally, why is Jamie Radtke continuing to waste her time? I mean, c’mon, she got zero votes AND lost to Tim Kaine by 5 percentage points (5%-0%) in a Tea Party straw poll. Uh, Ms. Radkte? Just a friendly suggestion, but I’d seriously consider another hobby besides politics if I were you. Or, you could always keep running around Virginia picking up zero votes, if that’s what you’re into. Either way, enjoy! 🙂


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