McDonnell Finishes Far Behind Rubio in CPAC Straw Poll; Gets Just 1% of National Conservatives


    Also note that McDonnell received just 1% of the national conservative vote for VP, behind undecided (27%), Marco Rubio (15%), Chris Christie (15%), Rick Perry (9%), other (8%), Herman Cain (7%), Paul Ryan (5%), Jon Huntsman (3%), and Mitch Daniels (3%). Wow. Feel the Bob-mentum! Heh.

    P.S. Also note that the CPAC poll is pretty much meaningless, as it’s a skewed demographic (e.g., much younger than national conservatives), and was almost certainly a result of wealthy campaigns (e.g., Romney’s campaign, which managed to eke out a small victory over Rick Santorum for the straw poll win) paying for students’ (and others’) tickets. So, take it with a huge – even “severe!” – grain of salt. ūüėČ

    UPDATE: The New York Times reports, “The Romney campaign was working aggressively behind the scenes for a strong showing, including busing students from colleges along the Eastern Seaboard to show their support.”

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