New George Allen ad “unabashed” about telling clear falsehoods to Virginians


    In the mind of George Allen, a pipeline extending from Canada through Montana to Texas would have job creation benefits for the state of Virginia. But just how the Keystone XL pipeline project almost 1,000 miles away would create jobs in Virginia is unclear.

    This obvious point didn’t seem to perturb George Allen’s campaign for U.S. Senator when it released a 75-second ad dubbed “Unabashed,” complaining about America’s unemployment figures and arguing that the Keystone XL pipeline will somehow bring jobs to Virginia.

    As usual, facts are not a part of the Republican repertoire of political weapons to bludgeon their political opponents with.

    Aside from revealing George Allen’s unscrupulous attempt for political power, the new Keystone XL ad reveals Allen’s own ties to Big Energy and their anti-clean energy, anti-healthy American policies.

    As is clear to any but the most partisan individuals, both political parties want energy independence. However, the Democratic Party is not willing, on the whole, to sacrifice individual and environmental health for a few years of natural gas or crude oil.  

    To politicians like George Allen, there is no moral dilemma in taking money from companies who have a clear record of harming human and environmental health. It’s just business, after all, right, and you have to break a few eggs to get an omelet, people like Allen seem to be saying.

    Just as George Allen is careless about issues of race (remember the “macaca” slur), he is also careless about creating jobs that will cause clear negative externalities.  


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