“Personhood” Dies in the Senate. Good Riddance.


    Good riddance. Now, on to the many other crazy bills Republican’ts are pushing this session. It never ends…

    UPDATE: Here are a few comments from our elected officials, off their Twitter feeds.

    Del. Mark Keam: “Very controversial GOP HB 1 “personhood” bill stopped in Senate on 24-16 bipartisan vote. #WinForWomen! Thanks to the public who spoke out!”

    Del. David Englin: “Wow. Looks like Va. Senate just killed “personhood” bill! Motion to “re-refer and carry over for the year” passed 24-14.”

    Del. Scott Surovell: “VA Senate just killed “personhood’ amendment for the year – glad they listened to The People.”

    Del. Charniele Herring: “So, #personhood bill was re-referred to committee and carried over for the year. Thanks everyone & grassroots nation!”

    Del. Alfonso Lopez: “HB 1 – the Personhood Bill was just re-referred in the Senate. Effectively killing it this session. Thank you Senate!!”

    Also, the RTD reports, “In a stunning turn of events, the Virginia Senate has voted 24-14 to scuttle a bill that would have given fertilized eggs the same legal rights as people.”

    UPDATE #2: Kaine campaign spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine tweets, “Personhood may be dead in VA Gen Assembly, but don’t forget @georgeallenva is campaigning for reelection on ‘nat’l personhood’ policy”