Phillips: I Can Beat Eric Cantor


    Former Assistant Attorney General of Virginia, Richmond Law professor, and Richmond-area native James “Jim” Phillips has thrown his hat into the ring for the Democratic nomination to take on Eric Cantor in November.  For years, Cantor has been able to cruise to re-election, as Democratic challengers have had a tough time fundraising and getting the resources needed to take their message to the 7th District.  With Phillips, that all could change.

    The campaign has a website up here.

    Read the campaign’s press release about Jim’s candidacy announcement after the jump.

    Phillips Announces Bid For Congress

    At a campaign event on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012, attended by friends, family, and a host of supporters, former Assistant Attorney General of Virginia, practicing attorney, and university professor James “Jim” Phillips announced his bid for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the Seventh District.  Pledging to make job growth and reducing the deficit his first priorities, Phillips cited his long career as a problem solver in the public sector, private practice, and education as strong qualifications to serve the interests of Virginia citizens who live in the Seventh District.

    “Partisan politics has slowed the nation’s recovery, prevented needed action to aid Virginia’s citizens, and harmed business and consumer confidence”, he noted.  Phillips asserted that he would be the best nominee to defeat incumbent Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  “Frankly, my background, my experience, my values, my commitment, and my reasons for running stand in sharp contrast to the incumbent, Representative Eric Cantor. The differences could not be more stark or more clear.”   Phillips declared that he will run “an aggressive, issues-oriented campaign that will give the people of the Seventh District a clear choice between a public servant who will work to find solutions to create jobs and restore infrastructure, while reducing the federal deficit, and a professional career politician who bends the system to serve the interests of the few.”

    With a background in the field of mediation and conflict resolution, Jim Phillips served as legal counsel to Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Commonwealth Transportation Board from 1987 to 1993.  Since that time, he has worked in private practice as a court-certified mediator and arbitrator for private, non-profit, and governmental clients, including the American Red Cross and the U.S. Department of Defense.  He served as Chairman of the Dispute Resolution Board for the Springfield Interchange Improvement Project and the I-95 Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project from 1998 to 2008, and is a Partnering Coordinator for VDOT.

    Phillips began his teaching career in 2000, and currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Richmond’s School of Law, Associate Professor of Business at Virginia State University, and as a Project Legal Fellow at Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute.  A graduate of Douglas Freeman High School, he earned his bachelor’s degree from Hampden-Sydney College, his law degree from the University of Richmond’s T.C. Williams School of Law, and his PhD. in Public Administration from the University of Colorado.

    Jim Phillips was born and raised in the Richmond area and currently resides in Henrico County.

    Authorized by Friends of Jim Phillips

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