Video: At Fire Station In Arlington, President Obama Discusses Veterans Jobs Corps


    Per CBS News:

    In an effort to cut the unemployment rate among veterans, President Barack Obama is calling for a new conservation program that would put veterans to work rebuilding trails, roads and levees on public lands.

    The president also will seek more grant money for programs that allow local communities to hire more police officers and firefighters.

    “Let’s get more cops on the beat, let’s get more rangers in the parks, let’s get more firefighters on call, and in the process, we’re going to put more veterans back to work,” Obama said Friday at a fire station in Arlington, Va., that was one of the first to respond to the attack on the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

    They’ve already risked their lives defending America. They should have the opportunity to rebuild America,” he said.

    As always, President Obama is on the job, fighting for J-O-B-S for the American people, first and foremost our veterans. I particularly love the conservation angle to this, reminiscent of the Civilian Conservation Corps; how about a lot more programs like this? Anyway, it’s good stuff that could really help people, which probably means that the Republican’ts in Congress will say “nyet” (given that “beating Obama” appears to be their first, second, last, and only goal in life).  


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