Senate Democrats Kill Another Horrible, Right-Wingnut Bill


    More good news this morning, courtesy of ProgressVA and Senate Democrats:

    We’ve got another victory on the books! The Senate Finance Committee just voted to kill HB 62, which would eliminate state funding for poor women to abort fetuses with fatal disabilities. Your calls and emails are making a difference. We’ve got a few more hours before the full Senate is expected to vote on HB 462 (mandatory ultrasound). Link to contact your legislator is below.

    Del. Charniele Herring (D-Alexandria) adds, “I hear that HB62 which would deny critical reproductive healthcare funding for poor women was just defeated by Senate Finance committee.”

    So that’s the good news. The bad news is that there’s tons more horrible, right-wingnut legislation still out there, including a slightly modified version of “fetal ultrasound,” plus voter suppression legislation, anti-immigrant legislation, pretty much the grab bag of ALEC-designed lunacy, thanks to the fact that Virginia Republicans are now in charge of our state. Remind me again, who the heck voted for these people, and why did they believe for one second that they’d really focus on improving the economy, not on their teahadist social agenda?  


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