Taliban Bob and Statutory Rape


    I’ve never wanted to visit Saudi Arabia or other countries that treat women as chattel, and I view their policies that severely limit women’s rights as a gross violation of human rights. Why do we buy oil from these sexist tyrants?

    Regrettably, it now seems that Virginia, USA is on the verge of going further than even some of these anti-woman states by adopting legislation that would require a woman to under go a medical procedure with a trans-vaginal probe without her consent if she is seeking an abortion.  

    From my law school days, I recall the common law definition of “rape” as non-consensual penetration. It would seem that the legislators who are voting for this bill to mandate a trans-vaginal ultra sound and the Governor who promises to sign it are guilty of and give new meaning to the term, “statutory rape”.  

    With legislation like this working its way through the General Assembly it may be time for a Virginia Spring similar to the peaceful uprisings that have spread across the Middle East.  


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