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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, February 24.

*Cuccinelli backs churches in legal battle

*Details derailed Va. abortion bill (No, actually, politics and outraged citizens derailed it.)

*‘Personhood’ bill killed for this year by Virginia Senate (Keep this in mind, everybody; Republicans will bring back these crazy bills, year after year, unless we replace them with Democrats in the General Assembly and Governor’s mansion.  Let’s make sure we do that in 2013!)

*Virginia Senate fails to pass state budget (Good job, Senate Dems – play hard ball with these overreaching extremists.)

*Social issues dominate state lawmakers’ debates (“Maryland approves same-sex marriage; Virginia tables ‘personhood’ measure”)

*Kaine, Perriello to join Obama campaign ‘youth summit’ in Richmond Saturday

*What’s in a Name: The Titles of Allen and Kaine

*In Shift, Kaine Attacking Allen on Social Issues

*Editorial: Which way will Loudoun go? It’s far too early to know

*Reproductive measures draw emotional backlash (“Votes came as hundreds of people outside the General Assembly building protested anti-abortion efforts and tempers flared inside.”)

*Editorial: An offensive alternative to an offensive bill (“A bill mandating ultrasound tests before abortions cannot be repaired. It should be defeated.”)

*ODU offers designated housing for gay students

*Postal Service to close Norfolk processing center

*Va. applies for No Child Left Behind waiver

*Herring: Metrorail Phase 2 deserves more funding

*Bob McDonnell’s Backing Puts D.C. Autonomy on Front Burner

UPDATE: Also see here for a bipartisan survey of economics experts on whether the economic recovery act (aka, “stimulus”) worked or not. The answer? Overwhelmingly, the consensus is that the “stimulus” worked, with only 4% disagreeing that it led to lower unemployment than otherwise would have been the case, for instance (93% agreed or “strongly” agreed that the stimulus  led to lower unemployment than would have been the case without it). In other words, when you hear Republican’ts like Eric Can’tor and Willard R-money claiming the stimulus didn’t work, just remember one thing: THEY. ARE. LYING.

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