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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (aka, “laughing stock of the nation thanks to Bob McDonnell, Bob Marshall, Dave Albo, Bill Bolling, Ken Kookinelli, etc.”) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, February 25. Also check out the video of Jim Webb, who says that it’s totally “appropriate” to apologize to the Afghan people when “we clearly made an inadvertent cultural error” by mistakenly (and incredibly stupidly, I’d add) burning a couple of Korans – Islam’s holy book. Of course, demagogues like Newt Gingrich immediately started twisting things 180 degrees and making outlandish, reckless, slanderous, inflammatory, wildly irresponsible statements, when what’s required is the exact opposite of that. Thank goodness we have President Obama in charge, not one of these lunatic Republican’t presidential candidates. Shudddderrrrr…

*Senate denies ultrasound bill (“But a very similar bill will likely pass the Senate on Monday, a Democratic senator said.”)

*Virginia gets new voice on airports board

*General Assembly lawmakers head home early after busy week

*Va. legislator: Trans-vaginal ultrasound bill led to bedroom strikeout with wife

*Ultrasounds of extremism (“Thankfully, the vice-presidential aspirations of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell seem to have led him to alter his support for the bill requiring women to undergo physically invasive ultrasounds before consenting to abortions. But the watered-down version, requiring noninvasive ultrasounds, is objectionable as well.”)

*Ultrasound bill should be defeated

*Virginia Backtracks, but Not Enough

*Virginia General Assembly Squabbles Over Dulles Rail Labor

*McDonnell reappoints Diana Cantor to VRS board

*Fairfax officials still wishing for cross-state suburban coalition to address Va.’s needs

*Va. Democrats to open Alexandria campaign office

*Democrat drops lawsuit over Virginia Senate control

*O’Malley, McDonnell spar over abortion, gay marriage

*Va. Senate Democrats’ budget rejection could bring a backlash

*Va. Tech survivors to meet with McDonnell on gun law

*Forecast for today: Windy and sunny, highs in mid-50s

UPDATE: Oh yeah, and of course, Bob McDonnell had the worst week in Washington (although his BFF Willard has to be up there as well!).


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