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VOGEL: Damaged Goods. Damaged Done.


Dear friends,

We heard a lot of election year rhetoric from Jill “HYPOCRISY” Vogel promising to focus on important issues like jobs, the economy, education and transportation. The truth is that she has played the old classic “bait and switch” game with the voters.

Vogel has turned out to be the “culture warrior” I said she was with he actions on the floor of the Virginia State Senate this session, including authoring this now nationally infamous, embarrassing and invasive vagina probing ultrasound bill. She has been at the lead of this socially obcessed and radical crusade by the majority of Republicans in the legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

While people are still suffering throughout Virginia and our localities struggle to fend for themselves, our senator has chosen to turn her back on her constituents by pushing this radical agenda, born from her own self serving interests and ambition.

Vogel had played with fire for long enough and now finally has gotten burnt. She is now damaged goods, forever branded with the likes of this political albatross of a bill secured tightly around her neck.

We can only hope and pray this “culture warrior” has learned her lesson and will attempt to right the ship in the future by focusing on the issues that matter most to her constituents.

That may be a little too much to expect from the likes of Senator Jill H. Vogel, but we can at least hope for an act of divine intervention. Right?

In other words, it ain’t gonna happen.

Vogel has been clearly damaged along with the GOP. They will be held accountable and shall suffer the consequences of pure politically stupidity in such an over reach of power in which they have displayed.

The left, middle and moderate republicans have had enough of this nonsense. This is a losing hand played by Vogel and friends, but by all means let them keep it up…

They will be digging their own political graves in the process!


Shaun Broy


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