Is Bob McDonnell Afraid to Say the Word “Ultrasound?”


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    After Gov. McDonnell’s war on women leads to public humiliation, he fails to respond to Democrats’ letter on mandatory ultrasound funding

    Why is Governor Bob McDonnell refusing to address the urgent needs of Virginia women, who will be forced to undergo expensive and often unnecessary ultrasounds before abortions?

    Five days ago, Democrats delivered a letter to Gov. McDonnell, calling for him to work with Democrats to finance the costly ultrasounds he and his Republican colleagues mandated. Many insurance companies are unlikely to cover these procedures, calling them medically unnecessary, forcing a woman to pay for a procedure forced upon her by the government.

    If Gov. McDonnell wants to ignore this issue, that’s understandable: he has gone from potential vice president to late-night TV laughingstock in less than a month. But Virginia women oppose this law and McDonnell’s extreme, backward-looking agenda. McDonnell works for the people, which means their needs must come first. And Virginia women need to know: who will pay for these unnecessary procedures?

    Senator Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) says, “The Governor may want to put this issue behind him, but that’s not an option. Virginia women need to know that they will not be forced to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket for ultrasounds that they don’t want or need.”


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