Krystal Ball (Rightfully) Criticizes Rush; CA GOP Spokesperson Responds, “Speaking of #sluts…”


    I posted earlier today about 2010 Democratic nominee for Congress (in the 1st CD) Krystal Ball hitting back hard against raging misogynist and all around hater Rush Limbaugh. Now, the Republicans are hitting back at Krystal Ball, in the way that they do best – by denigrating and demeaning her in exactly the same way. What’s truly pitiful in this case is that it’s actually a woman, Jennifer Kerns, the “new Spokeswoman & Communications Director for the California Republican Party,” using misogynistic, inappropriate (to put it mildly), unacceptable language for the year 2012 (or 1912, for that matter). Making fun of someone’s name and saying “Speaking of #sluts?” What the heck is WRONG with these people?!?

    h/t: Dante Atkins at Daily Kos


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