Video: “Pain at the gas pump”


    Although this video is produced by the Washington Kaplan Post, it’s actually very good, probably because it sticks to the facts, as provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration and a behavioral economist who clearly knows what he’s talking about. Good job, and a rare case of the media getting it right when it comes to gasoline prices.

    P.S. One other reason why people are so focused on gasoline prices is that the media reports fluctuations obsessively, relentlessly, and mindlessly (up 1 penny per gallon! down 2 cents! blah blah blah). It’s utterly moronic, but sadly, that’s the state of our “news” media these days. Infotainment, rev up hysteria (on any subject), focus on what’s got people riled up as opposed to what’s really “news,” etc.


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