War on Women’s Reproductive Freedom Continues in Richmond, Washington DC


    Great job by Virginia State Sen. Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth), speaking about the despicable HB 462 (“Abortion; informed consent, shall undergo ultrasound imaging.”) specifically, and about the right-wingers’ war on women’s reproductive freedom (and health) more generally, on “The Last Word” hosted by Lawrence O’Donnell. Meanwhile, up I-95 and across the Potomac River in Washington, DC, the dangerous, horrendous Blunt Amendment was barely defeated a few minutes ago.

    As Jim Webb eloquently explained yesterday, this monstrosity would allow “any stakeholder [to] decide to deny health care benefits to any individual, on the very loose definition that to provide such care somehow violates a personal definition of one’s moral convictions.” Fortunately, this bill lost today in the U.S. Senate, but make no mistake: the Republicans’ war on women’s reproductive freedom, women’s health, and healthcare for all Americans, continues. They must be defeated.

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