Lying Willard Takes on Reality. Willard Loses, Reality Wins.


    Is every word that comes out of Willard “Mitt” Romney’s mouth a lie, or does it just seem that way? OK, so maybe he occasionally says something factual, like…uh, back when he was a self-described “progressive” governor of Massachusetts who believed in taking action on climate change, who championed an individual mandate and requirements to provide contraceptive coverage as part of “Romneycare,” who believed that higher oil prices were inevitable and that we needed to get off the stuff, who was strongly pro-choice, who ran to the LEFT of Ted Kennedy, etc, etc. Nowadays? Apparently, he’s transformed himself into a robo-teabagger, probably doesn’t believe 90% of the crap that spews out his mouth, but who knows what he believes anymore. Truth? Lies? Fantasy? Reality? It’s all blurry in the world of Willard, aka “Mitt,” Romney.  

    • aznew

      The problem, of course, is that Romney knows he is doing this, he just doesn’t care, so it is likely to continue.

      Eventually, voters become weary of trying to pick through what is true and what is not, and simply give up listening to either side, even the side that is not lying.

      I think that is, in the end, the GOP strategy, because any fair debate would result in a GOP loss. Their only hope is to muddle facts and issues, and

      1. Totally discourage thinking persons from participating in the process, because it jst becomes too difficult to wade through all the bulls***; and

      2. For the folks that remain, get them to vote instinct and feel, and keep hammering the depiction of Obama as the outsider, the non-American, the Muslim, the atheist, the incompetent, the puppet master with a secret plan, the Saul Alinsky acolyte, the inept community organizer in over his head — hell, take your pick of the innumerable ways they have sought to portray him as an outsider, and don’t mind the numerous conflicts and contradictions.