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New Ad Goes Up in Virginia, Hits Willard on Taxes


From pro-Democratic “SuperPAC” Priorities USA, this ad went up in Virginia and other swing states today. And unlike Karl Rove’s ads, this one has the virtue of actually being true!

WASHINGTON, D.C-Priorities USA Action today launched a new television ad “World View” on Governor Romney’s record and agenda that benefits the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

he ad is the first part of a new campaign running on television and online in Florida, Iowa, Ohio and Virginia beginning today.  

“Governor Romney’s made a fortune on the backs of the businesses he helped destroy. He profited even while thousands of men and women were fired and lost benefits they were promised,” said Paul Begala. “Mitt Romney wants to double-down on trickle down. The middle class can’t afford his policies.

“On Tax Day, Americans should know that Governor Romney already pays a lower tax rate than middle class families but still believes the wealthiest one percent are entitled to massive new tax breaks paid for by cutting Medicare for seniors and education for the middle class,” said Bill Burton, Senior Strategist for Priorities USA Action. “Governor Romney’s record is a study in putting the concerns of the middle class far behind his agenda to benefit the wealthy.”