OK, Media, Time for the Firestorm Over Romney Surrogate Ted Nugent. Right?


    Oh wait, you mean the right-wing media is going to make a huge deal out of some random comment by some random Democratic pundit, but ignore the hate-filled tirades and lunacy of Romney surrogate Ted Nugent? But wasn’t the media supposed to be “liberal?” You mean it’s not liberal, and hasn’t been liberal, for like…forever? You mean it’s actually biased towards conservatives? Ahhhhhh, well that would explain it. Or maybe it’s just that “IOKIYAR?” (“it’s ok if you’re a Republican”)

    • fendertweed

      they’re like dogs in a pack.

      Nugent’s a room temp IQ ignoramus posing as a pseudo-intellectuallized Tarzan, but basically he’s just a stupid man who’s an exhibitionist, so he (metaphorically) whips out his tiny (verbal) dick every now & then and causes a scene.

    • pontoon

      Really, LIFES, how about lives, Ted? If he makes more threats against the President maybe we can get the FBI to put him in jail before November.

    • kindler

      …of how out-of-control the rhetoric has gotten on the Repub/Tea Party side.

      And just look at what’s going on in a certain courtroom in Norway if you want to see to where all this hate mongering and paranoia can lead…

    • aznew

      Now Romney is claiming his campaign never solicited Nugent’s endorsement.

      But Nugent claims Romney did in a phone call, and that Ted only agreed to back Mitt after Romney promised not to pursue any kind of gun law whatsoever. And it is undisputed that once Nugent made the endorsement, Romney welcomed it and touted it in several places, agreeing they spoke on the phone and saying it was “fun” getting to know Nugent.

      Romney had already issued a general statement on the need for civility, and since no one really cares what a crazy rocker has to say anyway, one would think this would be sufficient.

      But, for some reason, Romney felt the need to lie about the events leading up to the Nugent endorsement. Why the Nugent cover up? What transpired between the two men preceding the endorsement? What did Romney promise Nugent?

      The salient question now is, What did Mitt Romney know about the Nugent endorsement, and when did he know it?

    • Teddy Goodson

      that his “endorsement” is so important? Since his nickname and mine are the same, I am naturally interested…. I do not have a television, so guess I am un-American, but, frankly, I never heard of Nugent before. He sounds like another tiresome loud-mouthed drunk in a bar.