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“Return of the Nativist”: Anti-Latino Rabble Rouser Corey Stewart Running for Virginia LG


The phrase in the headline, “Return of the Nativist,” is borrowed from Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, who nails it once again with the perfect turn of phrase. The reason for the headline is the RTD story that Virginia rabble rouser, nativist, demagogue, and political opportunist Corey Stewart will announce on Wednesday that he’s running for Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth. To learn all about Corey Stewart, I strongly recommend the 9500 Liberty YouTube channel, where you can view Stewart in full nativist Raging Bull mode. It’s not a pretty picture, to put it mildly. And with Ken Kookinelli likely at the top of the 2013 Teapublican ticket, this could be one of the most extremist trios ever to run in Virginia, possibly in the United States. Yeah, I know, WTF is going on here (and where are all the Democrats lining up to take on these lunatics)?!?!?

  • NotJohnSMosby

    starts ragging on Republicans, you know they’ve ventured way, way off the reservation.

  • churchlanddem

    I heard someone mention Edd Houck for LG.

    I think Petersen for Gov and Houck for LG would be a great team.

    Likeability is going to be more important than usual in 2013 cause this is one we realllly can’t afford to lose.

    Please let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot with Terry McAuliffe.

  • Bob Marshall isn’t an attorney (although I’m sure in HIS mind he’s qualified to be AG), or else we could have the Trifecta.