The Wing Nuts Leave No Stone Unturned…


     We're WAY behind

    Not doing much with politics these days, but every once in a while I step away from whatever projects on which I'm working, and take a quick dip in the ole blogosphere I once swam in daily. I saw this article in the WaPo

    Always intrigued by what my old nemesis Bob Marshall is up to and thought I'd follow the money on this American Tradition Institute. Shocker — it's funded 90% by a guy who sold his energy outfit to the beloved Koch brothers. I'm always impressed by this kind of “grassroots” organization.

    Information here on SourceWatch

    All those asshats that poo-poo the coming death of our democracy due to money in politics, are so wrong. I just wish I had a time machine so I could see them ultimately turning on each other when there is no 99%

    There's only one solution to our climate change issues and that's a real commitment to alternative energy production. All these subsidies that expire are just political bull shit that is a band aid at best. Feed-In-Tariffs are the answer. They support the kind of national investments that will allow us to be leaders in a real Green Revolution.

    Germany and China invest in long term commitments. We got that pimp Paul Ryan.

    Feed-In-Tariff info here…

    This link is to an article about how frikin Germany is always cloudy and the LEAD the world in Solar