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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, April 27.

*Cuccinelli to lobbyist: I won’t pursue liquor privatization as governor

*George Allen in driver’s seat as first GOP Senate debate in Virginia looms

*Warner, Perriello help Obama kick off ‘day of action’ in Virginia

*U.S. House looks to improve background checks after Va. Tech shooting anniversary

*Michelle Obama, Warner and McDonnell to attend Va. Tech graduation, two as speakers, one as proud dad

*‘EpiPen’ proposal, inspired partly by Amarria Johnson’s death, becomes Virginia law

*Obama’s visit shows Virginia’s importance

*Virginia detainee law is dangerously unconstitutional

*McDonnell calls VP speculation ‘flattering’ (Actually, it’s “completely undeserved” and “brain dead”)

*Editorial: Students are not political pawns (“Partisan wrangling over student loan debts is intended to recruit young voters, but they may instead be repulsed”)

*Editorial: Savings through the roof (“Roanoke’s live roof will show others the beauty of saving energy”)

*Metro officials defend rate hikes

*Virginia Tech’s David Wilson goes to New York Giants

*For Washington teams, skies clearing


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