Home Energy and Environment Virginian-Pilot Calls Out “Norfolk’s Coal Embarrassment”

Virginian-Pilot Calls Out “Norfolk’s Coal Embarrassment”


Mountaintop Removal in West VirginiaNorfolk City Council has refused to take a firm stand against a proposed new coal-fired power plant that would cause dozens of premature deaths in the city each year:

A representative from Norfolk Southern – which transports lots of coal – argued that it would be premature for the council to vote on the resolution so early in the project’s permitting process. He’s wrong. The Dendron power plant, as planned right now, would cause damage downwind. No amount of time will change that.

Norfolk City Council’s interests lie in protecting its people, its water supply, its food sources from farms throughout the region. The potential for huge amounts of new pollution, for tons of carcinogens to infiltrate our environment through smog, wind and rain, calls for adamant, continuing, loud opposition.

Norfolk instead got embarrassment and questions about the allegiances of city leaders.

The new plant doesn’t just face serious public health questions – it also faces major economic ones. At a time when natural gas is far cheaper & wind is creating far more jobs, why should we invest $6 billion in Virginia ratepayer money in a polluting coal-fired power plant?