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DNC Candidate Ben Tribbett: Time to Democratize the DPVA


In Part 2 of my interview with DNC candidate Ben Tribbett, we discussed how DNC membership should not be a “lifetime achievement award” or “gold watch,” but a place for someone “who wants to DO something with the position rather than BE something with the position.” In Part 3, below, Ben explains why we need to democratize the Democratic Party of Virginia. For instance, Ben advocates allowing the grassroots, not just “some attorney on Central Committee” (hmmmm…wonder who he could possibly be talking about there – lol) having a voice in deciding on DPVA resolutions – on issues like the public option (support!), Citizens United (oppose!), etc. In the past, my understanding is that many of these resolutions have been watered down or even killed by one or more of those attorneys on Central Committee, without ANY consideration of what the grassroots might happen to feel about the issue. That’s absurd. Ben also notes that if DPVA is going to hit up people for money by claiming they will be “members” of DPVA, then they should give those “members” a real voice in running DPVA. Right now, that isn’t the case. Why not?!?


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