Dominion Customers Rally to Demand a Serious Plan for Virginia-made Clean Energy


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    Rally for Our Clean Energy Future_3Customers gather in front of the Virginia State Corporation Commission as Dominion seeks approval for

    a 15-year plan that fails to meet Virginia’s renewable energy goals

    RICHMOND, Va – This afternoon Dominion Virginia Power customers held a Rally for Our Clean Energy Future on the doorsteps of the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) in Richmond and presented over 4,600 comments to the SCC demanding that Dominion include significant investments for clean, renewable energy in its 15-year Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

    Dominion sought approval for its IRP, a long-term energy plan that includes no large-scale wind or solar projects, and will fail to achieve Virginia’s energy efficiency goal. The rally was organized by the Sierra Club, Appalachian Voices, Chesapeake Climate Action Network and the Wise Energy for Virginia Coalition to highlight the $1.3 billion Dominion imposes on Virginia each year in externalized costs, including 332 premature deaths, 5,528 asthma attacks, and 293 emergency room visits.

    “Our families and communities simply cannot afford Dominion’s dirty energy plan,” said Glen Besa Virginia Director of the Sierra Club.  “Dominion’s 15 year Integrated Resource energy plan relies on 3600 MW of gas powered electricity and a new nuclear reactor at North Anna. That 15 year plan has NO wind power, only 33 MWs of solar and 212 MW of biomass.”

    “We are calling on the SCC to reject this plan and ask Dominion to submit a new one within the next 12 months that engages all its stakeholders – stakeholders that include a growing number of Dominion customers who want 3,000 megawatts of Virginia-made wind and solar energy and energy efficiency by 2020,” said Besa.

    Delegate Joe Morrissey, of Richmond, testified before the SCC during the public comment period.  Delegate Morrissey provided the commissioners with a letter signed by 14 state legislators (both Delegates and Senators) wherein they (i.e the legislators) urged Dominion Power to make clean renewable energy a part of Dominion Power’s proposed integrated plan.

    Leaders in the health and clean energy industries, including Dr. Ravi Gupta, an MD from Northern Virginia and Jeff Ryan from Solar Services Inc., a small business based in Virginia Beach, highlighted the benefits of transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy.

    “A future powered by clean energy is the solution that can put thousands of Virginians back to work and protect the health of our families,” said Ryan.

    “Virginia is at a crossroads,” said Dr. Gupta. “Under its proposed plan, Dominion is committing Virginia to a future powered by dirty fuels. On a new path, Dominion can shape a clean energy future that protects the health of our families and our environment.”

    Dominion customers and shareholders also highlighted the lack of clean energy investments by the company at the Dominion Annual Shareholder Meeting held the same day in Pittsburgh – where the company reported more than $1.4 billion in profits last year. 


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