Edwards Trial Verdict: Not Guilty on the Most Serious Charge; Deadlocked Jury on Other Counts


    In breaking news from Greenboro, NC, this afternoon, John Edwards was found not guilty on the most serious charge, that of (as MSBC snarked) the “Bunny” Donation. A mistrial was declared on the other charges because the jurors could not agree on a guilty verdict.  

    Though his behavior was indefensible, it has been clear that there wasn’t compelling evidence that he personally and knowingly diverted campaign funds.  There never was a “smoking gun.”  

    Given the nine days with no verdict, and as the trial wore on in both the courthouse and the North Carolina media, it also became clear that the prosecution had tried to milk a verdict from a tree stump. (Don’t think you can do it.)

    The prosecution should give it a rest and not retry the case.  In the political climate in NC, however, I somehow doubt that will happen.  But the sordid case coming in the wake of Elizabeth Edward’s death was no doubt more than enough strain on the Edwards family.  

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