Fan of Fidel Castro, Louis Farrakhan Makes Robocall on Behalf of Bruce Shuttleworth in 8th CD


    Earlier this week, I received the following robocall for Bruce Shuttleworth for Congress. I found it curious in a number of ways. But first, here’s a transcript of the call:

    I’m Dr. Benjamin M Chavis, Jr. Thank you for listening to this call. I’m calling on behalf of Bruce Shuttleworth for Congress of the United States in the 8th Congressional District of Virginia. On June 12th it’s a most important election. Many of you know me from being a former leader of the NAACP to the national director of the Million Man March. For over 50 years I’ve been involved in civil rights, human rights, and voting rights throughout the state of Virginia as well as across America. This is a very important election, and that’s why I’m supporting Bruce Shuttleworth. We [something about Congress, I couldn’t understand it] need a real leader like Bruce Shuttleworth. Please go out and vote on June 12. The best candidate running is Bruce Shuttleworth for Congress. Thank you so much for listening.

    So, what’s “curious” about this call? First, the way Chavis talks, it sounds like cut and paste, like he has no idea who “Bruce Shu-tel-werth” might be, let alone anything about the 8th Congressional District of Virginia. Weird.

    Second, why would Benjamin Chavis, Jr. be getting involved in this Democratic primary (against Rep. Jim Moran) at all? Is there some issue of “civil rights, human rights, and voting rights” here that 8th CD Democrats are all unaware of?

    Third, Chavis is not exactly the most savory character, having been removed by the NAACP board amidsta flurry of accusations of financial and sexual improprieties, which almost buried the NAACP’s civil rights record.” Chavis also was closely aligned with noted/vicious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

    Finally, just to put the icing on the cake, Chavis praised Cuba’s Communist dictator Fidel Castro, arguing that “African-Americans, especially those who are conscious of how the world has changed during the past 50 years in terms of the progress for African liberation and self-determination, should be more than willing to express gratitude to Fidel Castro because of his outstanding historic and contemporary contributions to the advancement of the interests of African people throughout the world.

    Yep, that’s the guy doing a robocall for Bruce Shuttleworth in Virginia’s 8th CD. Needless to say, on June 12, I urge all 8th CD Democrats to head to the polls and vote for Rep. Jim Moran!

    • Blue Caterpillar

      Just guessing, but Chavis stated this on Shuttleworth’s website:  “Moran has precipitated a contentious relationship with the African American community and has failed to show adequate leadership in representing the 99% over the 1% big business interests that have massively contributed to his campaign. I am wholly convinced that Bruce Shuttleworth will never compromise his values – and that is why I am supporting him. Bruce Shuttleworth is a proven ethical leader.”

      On Moran’s contentious relationship with the African-American community, I seem to recall tha the Washington Post ran a story headlined:  “Moran Accused of ‘Plantation Mentality’; Boy’s Mother, Lawyer Threaten Congressman With Lawsuit Over Car Incident.”  A shouting and red-faced Jim Moran attacked an eight-year old boy and put him in a choke hold while “cussing” him with the N-word.  No wonder the incident was featured in the Post and NBC in April 2000.

      Does anybody who reads Blue Virginia think the African-American community should forget Jim Moran’s bad habit of racial profiling?  How about Moran’s bad behavior of child-choking?  Should African-Americans forget that, too?  What about the white Democrats in VA-8 – are we all supposed to forget Moran’s racial profiling and his choke hold on an 8-year old African-American, too?

      All of the criticism of Dr. Benjamin Chavis in the comment above is nothing other than a smokescreen, an ad hominem attack – utterly worthless.  A kill the messenger approach.  Moran is a menace to 8-year old African-Americans.  I’m voting for Bruce Shuttleworth.