President Obama: “Same-Sex Marriage Should be Legal”


    Great news, especially coming the day after North Carolina voters put a bigoted, hateful amendment in their constitution. As always, Democrats lead our country forward and unite us, Republicans lead us backwards and divide us.

    P.S. In stark contrast, Willard is so bad on this issue that he’s even against civil unions. This actually puts him to the right of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney when it comes to GLBT equality. Even worse, Romney supports a federal anti-gay-marriage amendment, which would roll back rights for committed gay and lesbian couples and invalidate state laws legalizing same sex marriage or possibly even civil unions. Not only that, such an amendment would be the first time in history that the constitution has been amended to add discrimination and denial of rights. Utterly unAmerican, in other words. Then, there’s the fact that Willard’s funded by hateful groups like the wildly homophobic (not to mention laughable, in a pitiful sort of way) “National Organization for Marriage,” that have engaged in fear-mongering on this issue. Last but not least, we saw just a week ago how Willard refused to stand up to anti-gay bigots, even to defend one of his key staff members who was gay (and who Willard knew was gay when he hired him!). Can you get any more pathetic than Willard “Mitt” Romney? It’s hard to imagine how.


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