Rep. Steve King: Former Webb Campaign Manager Trying to Recreate “Macaca Moment” in Iowa



    U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, blasted the Christie Vilsack campaign in general and its manager, Jessica Vanden Berg, in particular, over a recent press release that said King had opposed reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. The Vilsack campaign, King said, is trying to create a “macaca moment” to attach to King.

    The reference is to a 2006 Senate race in Virginia in which Democrat Jim Webb defeated incumbent Republican George Allen as part of a national wave that enabled Democrats to gain the majority in the Senate. Vanden Berg was Webb’s campaign manager.

    The concept that calling someone out for opposing the Violence Against Women Act is equivalent to George Allen’s racist “macaca” comments (not to mention his long history of racist words and deeds) is, of course, crazy. ON the other hand, this IS raving right-wing lunatic Steve King we’re talking about, so it’s not exactly a shocker. Also crazy is the idea that somehow former Webb for Senate campaign manager Jessica Vanden Berg is responsible for “macaca.” In reality, that was George Allen’s doing, although the Webb campaign was smart enough to capitalize on it (with an unasked-for assist from NLS, which got the story rolling).

    Anyway, I’d just remind Jessica of the advice given to me by Webb’s 2006 senior strategist, Steve Jarding: when you’re attacked by the likes of Steve King, or George Allen’s minions, “wear their attacks as a badge of honor,” because you know you’re doing something right! In this case, Steve King appears to be terrified of Jessica Vanden Berg, and presumably of Christie Vilsack’s campaign against him. Cool! Keep up the great work! 🙂


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