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Sen. McEachin: “Bob McDonnell Can’t Make Up His Mind”

Help Bob make up his mind!
I need your help on this one.

Dear Lowell,

Governor McDonnell can't make up his mind on Senate Bill 1, the bill that would systematically prevent young people, seniors, minorities, and the poorest Virginians from voting.

Bob McDonnell can't make up his mind, so tell McDonnell loudly to VETO Senate Bill 1 — sign my petition right now.

In 2012, it’s essential that we don’t turn back the clock on voting rights in Virginia. You can't have democracy if some groups are systematically under-represented. This bill will make it more difficult for older folks to vote, for lower-income Virginians to vote, for those with disabilities, and for African-Americans to vote. Join me: sign the petition and tell Governor McDonnell to veto the voter suppression bill.


P.S. The right to vote is one of the most fundamental rights of our democracy. We should be encouraging people to vote—not making it harder. Sign the petition today to tell Gov. McDonnell to veto Senate Bill 1, the voter suppression bill. 



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