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Shuttleworth Campaign FAIL: No Union Bug, No Recycled Logo, No “Paid for by” Statement


First, check out the robocall many Arlingtonians – myself included – have been receiving this week from Democratic congressional candidate Bruce Shuttleworth. Just a couple problems with this: 1) the poll he cites is utterly absurd, as I explained here; 2) there’s no “paid for by” statement at the end of the call, as required by the FEC. Double #FAIL on that one.

Second, see the “flip” for images of Shuttleworth’s campaign sign. Notice something? That’s right, there’s no “union bug,” which means the sign was made in a non-union shop, and there’s also no recycled logo, which means the sign is not environmentally friendly. Another double #FAIL for the Shuttleworth campaign.

Meanwhile, this guy has not been seen at any Democratic gatherings, but did manage to find time to address the Falls Church Republicans and ask for their votes. Fascinating strategy to try to win a Democratic primary…turn out Republicans to vote in it?!?

Bottom line: On June 12, I urge every 8th CD Democrat to get out and vote for Rep. Jim Moran. He’s doing an excellent job in Congress and speaking out forcefully and articulately on issues we all care about. Let’s make sure we keep Jim Moran there to keep fighting for us, and certainly not replace him with a Republican-friendly, union-and-environment-unfriendly “Democrat!”


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