Pat Robertson: Falls Church Episcopal Church Lost “Blessing of God” Over Gay Bishop


    Once again, Virginia’s in the news for a gay rights issue, this time related to the this:

    …in recent years, The Falls Church has become a symbol of a division in the Episcopal Church, a Christian denomination that has given the United States more presidents than any other, and a good share of the country’s Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite.

    The rupture came after an openly gay man was consecrated as Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire in 2004.  The Episcopal Church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, and The Falls Church was one of many congregations that broke from the U.S. church by aligning with conservative Anglican provinces in Africa and South America.

    So, of course, Virginia’s own Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson felt the need to weigh in over a judge’s ruling “in favor of the Episcopal Church over a breakaway conservative group that has been holding services in the disputed sanctuary since 2006.” Never a dull moment in Virginia these days, I’ll tell you. Ugh.

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