To the South: Rise Up North Carolina (Against Amendment One)


    Good morning, Virginia and North Carolina.  Today is the day for North Carolinians to rise up against hate by defeating Amendment One.  Amendment One bans all legal marriage or marriage-like partnerships except legal marriage between one man and one woman.  It would make illegal any civil union, whether gay or straight.  It would throw into question guardianships and parenting in non-married partnerships.  And it would ban benefits to partners and children of such unions.  

    If you are a Virginian who knows anyone in NC, call them and make sure they vote no.  If you are a North Carolinian, please do the same.

    TeaPublicans in North Carolina tried to pull something over on the voters of NC.  They used a primary (they thought only a Republican primary) to limit Democratic turnout.  (How a primary is considered a Constitutional venue to vote for a constitutional amendment escapes me.) But then Bev Perdue announced she would not run again. Democrats now had a primary too.

    Polls show a good chance of defeating this amendment–if opponents go to the polls.  May North Carolinia show the way to standing up against bigotry.  


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