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Video: Jon Stewart Says Call a Waaaambulance on Republican Whining Over Osama bin Laden Ad


Quoth Jon Stewart: “Republicans appear unaware that the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex allows people the ability to store and recall past events as they occurred.”

Well said, sir. Well said. I mean, these are the same people who used 9/11 relentlessly to push their political agenda, Bush’s reelection, the reelection of many other Republicans, etc. These are also the same people who ran some of the most disgusting ads in U.S. history, including this steaming pile of rat-feces by Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), now a U.S. Senator unfortunately. Somehow, I don’t recall Republicans “outraged” over this ad, or the gazillion ads run by Republicans politicizing 9/11. Oh wait, I forgot, “it’s ok if you’re a Republican” (IOKIYAR).

In this case, of course, what Barack Obama’s campaign is saying is 100% true. First, that it was under Obama’s leadership – and yes, it took tremendous leadership to do this – that we finally “got” Osama bin Laden. Second, Willard really DID say that we shouldn’t act unilaterally in Pakistan (so much for him ordering the raid on bin Laden’s Pakistan headquarters). Second, Willard really did say that it was “not worth moving heaven and earth” to capture or kill bin Laden. Other than that, Republicans are just upset because it shows how strong President Obama is and how pathetically weak and incompetent they are on national security and foreign policy. No wonder why they need a “waaaaambulance!” 🙂

By the way, is there anyone more smarmy, dishonest, and insufferable than Ed Gillespie? Oh yeah, there’s Willard.


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