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George Allen Praises Paul Ryan Plan to Destroy Medicare as “Worthwhile Approach”


From the Kaine campaign:


Richmond, VA – As he fights his way through a divisive Republican primary, George Allen is ramping up praise of a budget offered by Wisconsin Republican Congressman Paul Ryan that attempts to balance the budget on the backs of seniors and students, while preserving tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and refusing to make investments that will sustain private sector economic growth.  Yesterday, after ducking a position on the budget for more than a year, Allen praised it as a “worthwhile approach.”  Also yesterday, the Waynesboro News Virginian noted that Allen surrogates have hit the trail to defend the Ryan budget on Allen's behalf. 

“After ducking and dodging for more than a year, it's nice to finally know where George Allen stands,” said Kaine for Virginia Communications Director Brandi Hoffine.  “We've said all along that this election will be a choice between two very different approaches.  By praising the Ryan Budget, campaigning on a promise to privatize Social Security, and backing a Cut, Cap, and Balance plan that would devastate Medicare funding and local economies, George Allen has made the choice an easy one.  While Tim Kaine has promised to take smart steps to strengthen Social Security and Medicare, George Allen has demonstrated through his rhetoric and his record that he will do the opposite.”

Allen Called Ryan Budget A “Worthwhile” Approach And Noted Its Similarity With His “Blueprint.”The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported, “‘Congressman Ryan’s approach I think is a worthwhile one,’ Allen said, noting three specific similarities to his own ‘Blueprint for America’s Comeback’: repealing the health care overhaul, simplifying the tax code and offering states greater flexibility in managing Medicaid. . . . Ryan’s $3.53 trillion dollar spending plan has come under fire from Democrats for its proposals to privatize Medicare and shrink Medicaid and food-stamp programs.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/1/12]
Allen Surrogate Criticized Democrats For Having “The Audacity To Come Down On Paul Ryan’s Budget.” While campaigning on behalf of George Allen is Staunton, former Delegate Chris Saxman defended Paul Ryan’s budget. According to the News Virginian, “Saxman, a Republican who represented the 20thHouse District here, noted, too, that Democrats have criticized the budget proposal of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.‘They have the audacity to come down on Paul Ryan’s budget,’ he said.” [The News Virginian, 5/1/12]
2006: Allen Voted for Amendment Designed to Divert Social Security Funds into Private Accounts. In 2006, Allen voted for an amendment sponsored by Senator DeMint (S.Amdt. 3087) that would have diverted Social Security’s annual surpluses into a reserve fund that would have been used to set up private accounts. [Vote, #68, 3/16/06]

Allen Signed The Cut, Cap And Balance Pledge, Which Would Cap Federal Spending At 18% Of GDP.A June press release from the Allen campaign stated, “Today, George Allen signed the Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge.” The Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2011 (HR 2560) calls for a Balanced Budget Amendment that would cap spending at 18% of GDP, which is even more severe than the Ryan Budget Plan. According to the Washington Post, “The 18 percent cap on spending is so severe that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s economic plan would violate its strictures.  So would any budget passed under President Ronald Reagan.” [Allen Campaign Press Release, 6/20/11; HR 2560; Editorial, Washington Post, 7/14/11] 


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